Remembering Ken Silva

I could have used a friend like Ken Silva.

I admit some misconception about him.  Perhaps many of us discernment folks have.  He wasn’t just a blogger firing shots from behind his computer.  He was also a mentor and a friend to many.  I should have contacted him much sooner about so many different things rather than trying to figure out everything on my own by means of research.  Google, Accordance, Logos, and even (especially) Twitter all have their limits.

As many are now finding out in the wake of his passing, he was a friend and mentor to so many, a true shepherd pastor and teacher who never sought publicity for his own sake.  The Internet never even figured out what he looks like until Chris Rosebrough posted this image.

Fortunately for us, his words remain and hopefully will so long as the Lord tarries.
Unfortunately for us, new false teachers will arise.
Fortunately for us, new heresies are often just re-hashed, re-dressed old heresies, so we’ll have something from Ken to which to refer.  And we still have so many whom he influenced so well.

Ken now rests in the Lord’s holy presence.  We remember, and by the enablement of the Holy Spirit, let us get back to work.

Photo credit: Chris Rosebrough / Fighting for the Faith