Friday Fusty: Sworn to protect enemies

Important: I have left the remainder of this post “as was,” but I no longer recommend or endorse JD Hall, Pulpit & Pen, and its associated personalities.

Welcome to the Friday Fusty, where we drop our intellectual and theological altitude to inquire false gods about their bathroom habits.

Today’s inaugural episode comes from the troll Phil Burch at @49erFaithful225, who in the course of trolling J.D. Hall (@fbc_jd) made this malodorous statement.

One can only assume that Phil here refers to a federal oath to the Constitition. But since he apparently swore to protect its enemies rather than the Constitution itself, one has to wonder whether he’s working for terrorists.  Or maybe Russia or China.  I didn’t think the 49ers were THAT bad. Somebody please call William Tapley.